Day 2 – West Wyalong to Mildura – 600kms


Word of the day: Sweet!!!


If we thought yesterday was cold … well today was absolutely FREEZING! Today was a day of fun and socialising with plenty of party stops as we had to drive on the tar all day due to the poor condition of the dirt roads.


Our “sweet” day started with the Bashful Bees being asked to participate in a live cross with John Williamson on Channel 7. Of course the normally media-shy bees accepted the offer and off we raced to make it in time for the live interview.

After that experience, we made great friends with the Coopers car which is basically an enormous mobile keg complete with taps on the outside! So Day 2 pretty much consisted of us spending the day stopping at every party stop we passed with a bunch of other Bash teams who were making the most of having to spend the day on the tar. The photos really speak for themselves here!! The girls got to experience the wonderful hospitality of the Bashbusters crew who had plenty of chilled champagne and cocktails on hand throughout the afternoon as we headed to our first change of state.  Welcome to Victoria!!


Tonight’s dinner theme was the Bee-jing Olympics in honour of the opening ceremony. The 3 little bees were very tired after a full-on day of socialising so pretty tame night in Mildura for us.


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