Day 3 Mildura to Murray Bridge – 379kms

Word of the day: Mud
Well, we knew it was going to be hard to top the events of day two, but the magic continued! We arrived at brekkie at a beautiful park on the banks of the mighty Murray River which looked amazing with fog lifting off the water and pelicans serenely floating by. The Bees were greeted with the news that two Bees had earned their stripes and were sharing the day as co-pilots in the Bash Cessna 182.
While Tez and Sonya hit the road for the morning run, with a special guest Bee, Dom the other Bash pilot, Fi wandered off into Mildura for a relaxing latte.

The weather was perfect for a morning out on the open road with some amazing muddy conditions. Tez and Dom shared the driving responsibilities, slipping and sliding away down the track. Tez managed to put the Beehive sideways twice within about 10kms but did a great job and didn’t get bogged! The Beehive helped out by pulling out Shrek out of the mud (see the video!!). 

We also got to have some fun and games at the Triples Olympic Games … not sure our newbee’s cycling skills were up to scratch but we still managed to finish with gold medals all round

Fi headed out to the airport with a Chicken and the Pilot and prepared for the pre-flight checks. A stroke of luck meant the Chicken was relegated to the back, so Fi stepped up to co-pilot headphones and all! After a gentle take off they hunted down the Bashers who were now well on their way down the muddy roads. With no trees in site it was open slather swooping down on the convoys with plenty of photo opportunities. Unfortunately Chicken’s stomach didn’t agree with the g-force, so after dropping her off at Renmark airport Fi headed back up for a second serve. It was the best morning of the Bash for Fi, who now wants to gain her solo pilot’s license.

Lunch was at lovely Renmark where the local community turned out in force to provide a great lunch once again on the banks of the Murray River. Our new flying Bee Fi came back down to earth and joined the Hive and Tez hit the skies in the Cessna. Sonya and Fi took turns at the wheel for the afternoon and hit some great slidey mud roads. Fi had her first taste of driving on dirt and loved it. Sonya got to have some fun on some really windy dirt and mud tracks and the car sideways a few times but managed to avoid the trees either side of the track.

It was late afternoon when finally we had our first real Bash breakdown! The windscreen wipers stopped dead and it was heaving down! Sonya jumped out of the car, valiantly trying to find the issue in the pouring rain and thick mud. Within minutes we had over a dozen men from the Coopers Keg and Firemen trying to find the source of the problem. Sonya’s description was perfectly technical “the wipers aren’t working and the button is burnies!” The blokes couldn’t find the source of the problem so they tied a couple of wires to the wipers and Fi found a new workout tool pulling the wipers from side to side as we drove down the dirt tracks! Who needs a gym membership when you can drive a Bash car?!

Our night in Murray Bridge started with a horses and jockeys night at the local racecourse followed by taking over the local pub where we were staying and “entertaining” the locals with our karaoke and dancing. Imagine the scene … the navy teams were in drag, the fireman in full gear, the bees looking bee-autiful (as usual) plus the usual assorted cowboys, Woody from Toy Story etc.

Great night that kicked on into the wee small hours.


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