Day 4 – Murray Bridge to Mount Gambier – 499kms

Word of the day – Hail!


Day 4 started with the Bees on a mission – get the wipers fixed – as it was absolutely pouring and freezing leaving Murray Bridge.  Fortunately Terri’s family came up to join us for our time in Murray Bridge and her Dad ended up being the hero of the hour and fixed the wipers (something the Fireman and other Bash mechanics couldn’t seem to do).  The problem? A bit of the carpet had wrapped around the spindle inside the car and was stopping them working.

So with that fixed the 2 Virgin Bees hit the road without their Queen who was spending the morning in the plane to set up a check-point in the middle of the morning Bash route.  We edged around some pretty dodgy looking weather and touched down in a old airstrip in the middle of nowhere.

Terri and Fi handled their driving responsibilities admirably that morning and had many comments from the other Bashers on how well they drove.  Good Bees!!  Sonya hopped back in at the checkpoint after freezing her stinger off through 2 hail storms at the cheque point and we headed off to lunch at Mundulla (more roast and pumpkin soup).

After lunch we got to drive through some amazing tracks through beautiful pine forests – like something out of a fairytale.  Perfect place for a late afternoon party stop complete with wine tasting and a roaring bonfire.

Our night in Mount Gambier was a great one and the Bees finally got to hit the dance floor and show their stuff.  Fi Bee really “hit” the dance floor when dancing with one of the Bashers.  He tripped her over and she fell flat on her back in the middle of the floor.  Great rock ‘n roll band and great chance to exercise off some of the beer, sausages, bacon & eggs and other healthy fare we’ve been having (oh and the drive-thru Maccas we had on the way home ;).


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