Day 5 – “Bees vs Trees” – Mount Gambier to Warrnambool – 508kms

Word of the day: Lookout!!!

Today is Blue Day … in honour of the famous Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. The overcast conditions meant it wasn’t as blue as it usually is but it was still impressive. We started the day having breakfast hosted by Grant High School and then head off for our morning weaving through the tracks in the Grampians. Spectacular scenery … just amazing … but very wet, muddy and tough to see what was going on as the car was fogging up so badly.

I’m making all these statements to justify putting the Beehive into a tree on a very sharp, slippery right hand bend. Yep that’s right, Queen Bee lost it on the corner, luckily going quite slowly, where the back end of the car slipped away and we had no power, no steering and no brakes. The Queen managed to avoid putting it sideways knowing that the strongest point of impact would be the reinforced bull-bar. And it was. We headed to the tree quite calmy: Sonya “we’re going to hit that tree”, Fiona “OK” and then we did. Luckily we were able to reverse out of the way of the next car, check for damage (nothing but an ever-so-slight dent) and keep going.

Fortunately there was a party stop serving warm cocktails so the Bees could calm their nerves before heading off (very carefully) again.

The morning was a really tough one as we had to try and cover over 300kms of these conditions just to get to lunch. So we did what any sensible Bash team that’s running late did … stopped at the pub with a bunch of others for a late lunch and decided to take the road all the way to Warrnambool instead. Queen Bee left the Beehive in the capable hands of Baby Bee and Trouble Bee and spent the afternoon enjoying the hospitality of the Coopers Keg … and boy are they generous.

Tonight was a free night in Warrnambool so the Bees took the opportunity to have a nice meal of fresh fish and salad … and then sent around the word to all other Bash teams to join us for a quiet drink or 2 in the Warrnambool Hotel. As usual when a bunch of Bashers takes over a pub, 2 turns to more and the night kicked on into the morning. Thank goodness we have a day off to recharge the batteries.

Newbee (sister Megan) arrives tomorrow courtesy of the Car 12 changeover crew … who were gearing up for a massive night in Melbourne so I hope they get her here in once piece!


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