Day 6 – Rest Day- Warrnambool – 0kms

Word of the day:  Spectacular!

Rest day today … thank goodness.  Queen Bee had a lovely sleep in and headed out to the airport for her flight in the chopper over the 12 Apostles.  The weather was looking pretty dodgy (wild, windy and overcast) but just before we took off the clouds parted and we had beautiful sunny conditions for the trip down the coast.

What a fantastic experience!  The chopper is so cool and the scenery just spectacular from the air.  Rob the pilot made sure we spun around and got all the shots we wanted and was able to buzz over the town for a birds-eye view of lovely Warrnambool.

The Beehive actually got a wash today in honour of our Newbee joining us.  My sister Megan arrived with the new Cowboys crew today … eventually after they had a few pub and lunch stops.  Lots of laughs guaranteed now that the Peters and new Cowboy Laurence have joined us!!

Tonight was our Community Night where Crackers and the Shoalhaven Team put on a “spectacular” fireworks display – once again a really top quality display.  After the fireworks we were entertained by “Keep the Faith”, a Bon Jovi tribute band who absolutely rocked.  All the local kids and families joined us on the dance floor for this one too. Heaps of fun!!  Then back to our new favourite pub, the Warrnambool Hotel for a bit more partying!


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