Day 7 – Warrnambool to Bendigo – 487kms

Word of the day: Great


Today we left lovely Warrnambool and headed off down the “GREAT” Ocean Road.  Newbee Megan led the charge today and got to test out her arm muscles driving down the winding Great Ocean Road.  We had a stop at the Twelve Apostles where the Bush Cricketers supplied morning tea of ice creams of all things … at least there was no chance they would melt as it was once again freezing!!


After taking all the usual touristy snaps we kept winding our way to the famous Bells Beach where the surf was absolutely pumping and only a few hardy souls were out catching waves.  Lunch today was at the Torquay Surf Club where the Central Coast cars 1, 181 and 11 put on beach games which involved wearing bikinis and ten pin bowling (Queen Bee got a strike!!), fishing (fake) ducks out of a pond and a wheel-barrow race involving zinc cream, flour and white lollies.  It all made sense if you were there … check out the pics below!


We had one of our more interesting pub stops today in a tiny Victorian country pub that used to be a gallows back in the days of capital punishment.  We got the full tour down in the cellar of the pub where the autopsies were done on the unwilling victims after they dropped through the gallows.  Very creepy!! 


Tonight was a “gambling” night at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre.  Newbee Megan learnt the hard way that it’s not good to admit losing something.  She’d left her gloves at breakfast that morning and Rocky from the Purple People Eaters bid $1000 Bash Bucks to get them.  Luckily big sister Queen Bee knew the drill and managed to buy them back from Rocky with $2000 Bash Bucks and a kiss on the cheek!


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