Day 8 – Bendigo to Wangaratta – 342kms

Word of the day: Airforce!


Today was Armed Forces Day and where else do you take a couple of hundred Bashers to compete against each other in mock military games … none other than Puckapunyal!!  “Pukka” is Victoria’s largest military training centre. What a fun day!  The teams of Airforce, Army, Navy and Police were in fine competitive spirit and the attempted cheating and bribing was rife. 


The Airforce were by far and away the best team with the most vocal cheer squad … not just because this was the team the Bees were in.  Unfortunately we didn’t cheat enough and came last and who was the winning team on the day you ask … well being on an Army base you can guess the answer to that!


After Pukka we headed into Wangaratta to prepare ourselves for the excitement and fantastic entertainment that only Bash Idol can provide.  We were entertained(!!) by K9, Navy, 2 Elvis’s, Winestone Cowgirls, Lavern and Shirley, Super and Feral … with K9 taking out the coveted 1st prize.


How could we top that?  Several dozen Bashers invading a local Wangaratta pub was certainly a good start.  Singing, dancing on the bar, crowd surfing and generally having a great time followed.  Just another wonderful day on the Bash!




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