Counting Down to Buzz Off on the Bash!

Well we are definitely in countdown phase now and the Bashful Bees are busy buzzing around getting all the many last minute things done.  On Sunday 16 June we join our Bash friends and buzz out of Bennelong Point on the 25th Variety B-to-B Bash.

We’ve had quite a few fundraising events recently … starting with the Charity Challenge Golf Day at Long Reef Golf Course.  We must have done something right the days leading up to this great day were cold, wet and windy … but the day came around with brilliant sunshine and not a drop of rain and approx. 40 golfers hit the slightly soggy slopes of Long Reef for a great day of golf!

Our New-Bee Helen put together a day of Pizza and Poker to raise some more much-needed funds.  A fun day complete with some controversy over the poker tables and a few almost losing their shirts!

Hey we’ve even been selling Tupperware to try and get across the fundraising line!

So thanks to all our friends, family and colleagues for their support of our efforts.  Buzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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