Bees Day Out

The Bashful Bees had a big day out this Saturday, joining about a dozen of their buddies on the Pig Run. The Pig Run is so named as it is organised by the lovely Sallymae from the Three Little Pigs team.

The sun was shining and there was excitement in the air as we headed out from Dural on our way to Wisemans Ferry and then on to lovely St Albans. The day was a great chance for us to test our driving & radio skills and to give our NewBee Helen a taste of what to expect.

NewBee was a bit apprehensive about the driving but did a great job of keeping up the banter over the radio … having lots of fun with fellow Bash virgins the Bananas in Pyjamas.

Unfortunately the Big Bee didn’t fare very well. It ran beautifully throughout the day but then a new screeching noise started on our way home and today saw her towed to the mechanics to determine what’s up. Hopefully not a major overhaul … fingers crossed!!

We did win a HUGE meat tray at the Mean Fiddler on the way home though so not all bad 🙂


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