Almost ready to buzz off!!

So only one more sleep. The Bees have been buzzing around all day getting last minute stuff done … really important stuff too like getting our toenails painted black and yellow. It’s all about priorities.

So we’re now all packed and ready to head out of Bennelong Point bright and early tomorrow. WOO HOO!!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our efforts to raise funds this year … it is very much appreciated, especially in these very tight economic times. A special HUGE thanks to my sister Megan and bro-in-law Cameron for being our highly-valued support crew and organising everything from spangly silver skirts to making sure the car was running and the tyres won’t fall off (the skirts were courtesy of Megan not Cameron). Thanks to sis-in-law Terese too for scraping the gooey sticker remnants off the car today … waaaay more patient than me!! The Bees couldn’t have done everything without you.

Anyway … time to relax with a wine and have an early night in preparation for 2 weeks of adventures on the Bash. Stay tuned πŸ™‚


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