Day 1 – Sydney to Parkes

Word of the day: Roundabout!

What a fantastic day to start a Bash!! Sydney turned on a fabulous, warm sunny day and 110 Bash cars lined up at the world-famous Sydney Opera House to start the 25th anniversary of the Variety B-to-B Bash.

The Big Bee was packed to the brim. It took three of us to jam the boot down, and store our ‘essential items’! Our wonderful bee mascot (aka Phil) was dancing up a storm, fraternising with the locals, creating a buzz around the car. Before we knew it we were off! The morning drive from Sydney took us out through the Blue Mountains, through to Orange.

Costi had her first real taste of driving a manual car and did a fine job … at first!! She was doing great until we hit a roundabout on a hill and she had to do a hill-start. Lots of panicking, nearly rolling back into the Bushrangers car and bunny hopping but we made it and were off again!

We stopped down the round with the Elvises for Costi’s first party stop to calm the nerves!

We stopped for a wonderful lunch break at Anson Special School and were treated to burgers and cake! Finally we were back into the true swing of things, seeing what a difference our efforts make. It was pretty touching to see a little boy, proud as punch, with the remote control car that Costi gave him.

On from lunch and FINALLY we were on the dirt!!! Yee hah!! Lots of winding, dusty roads and a great party stop put on by the All Fired Up team to round out the day. Fi-Bee and Queen Bee got their exercise by competing in the fire-drill relay and Queen Bee showed off her athletic skill by tripping over in a hole while she was running (yes running) and going head over in the grass. Very classy … and no, we didn’t win!!

Anyway, we’re here in Parkes and all-in-all Day 1 has been fantastic!! The theme for dinner is “Come as your favourite star” night. The Bees thought outside the square and went as the Bee Gees. Night 1 went off with a bang as local band Risky Business put on a great show and had the pub full of Bashers dancing the night away. So much for easing ourselves into the Bash. Great night had by all!!


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