Day 3 – Hay to Berri – 544kms

Quote of the day: “I think we’re going to blow a tyre. OK keep going and let’s bet which one blows”

This morning saw the Bees meeting the lovely kids and people from Hay Public School. Really great friendly kids who put on a delicious brekkie for us.

Everything was going well, Fi was driving the first leg and noticed there was a wobble in the steering. The conversation went something like this, Fi “I think we’re going to blow a tyre”, Sonya “Interesting, let’s put bets on which one it will be”. The outcome? Fi was right … we blew a tyre alright at 100km an hour. Lots of squealing followed but Fi managed to get us safely to the side of the road. Luckily for us Sascha and Rod from the Men at Work team came along and we put them straight to work changing the shattered tyre for us. Ps. Sonya won the bet … back drivers side tyre.

Off we headed again, quick pit stop at a tyre shop in Moulamein (NSW) to buy a new one and fix the spare with the slow leak … and everything was OK again. We decided to use the reserve fuel tank for the first time and it worked a treat … until it started spluttering and coughing so we had to switch back to the main one. All was well in the world again … or was it??? Stay tuned!

Lunch was at Ouyen today which is the Vanilla Slice Capital of Australia … complete with an annual “cook off” that attracts pastry chefs from all over Australia. So after sausage sangers and vanilla slices we headed off to Berri in the Riverland region of SA.

Tonight was Italian night complete with a great feed of lasagne and garlic bread and then the Bees and their buddies found … yep you guessed in … another pub happy to keep its doors open until the wee small hours to keep us entertained. Great people and the extremely patient bar staff deserved a medal!!


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