Day 8 – Alice Springs to Coober Pedy – 832kms

Today was a very exciting day. The Bees were up bright and early (5am … even after a massive party last night) to head out and conquer the mightly Finke Track. Many people have tried to talk us out of doing this track as it is renowned for being tricky and a potential “car wrecker”. The more they tried to persuade us to take the road, the more Queen Bee was determined we could do this track.

And do it we did!! What an exciting run. By far the most challenging driving I have ever done … deep, deep ruts, bull dust, narrow tracks with trees right up against the side of the car, absolutely no room for error in parts and pretty much zero visibility at times due to the dust.

We made it though … but not without some scary moments. We were following Car 301 and all we could see where their dust lights and they ran off the road. We almost followed but some excellent navigation and direction from Lieutenant Commander Graeme (Susie) Wong saw QB get it back on the right track and keep going.

Only to get bogged just a little bit further down the road … and I mean bogged, up to the axles! We had no cars behind us so we had no choice but to start digging us out until someone came along that could help tow us out. So Helen, Susie and Queen Bee hit the dirt and started digging. Few more attempts to get out but no luck … until Team Tiger came along and used their “pussy power” to pull us easily from the bull dust.

What a fantastic morning … very challenging but so exciting!!

[ED: Looks like the middle of nowhere – Fink is here, and Aputula is it’s indigenous name.]


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