Day 10 – Bees make Broken Hill!!!!

Picture the scene, writing this from the car at 130kms an hour (I’m not driving). 3 very over excited Bees heading into Broken Hill for the parade. As has been typical of our bash we’re late, we just stopped at a great pub in Olary SA with our besties from the Bash … the Thunderbirds, BC crew and The Lamberts. Great bunch of kids there who were very excited to see us … even showed us their magic tricks. This is what the Bash has been about for us this year. Yes we may miss the muster and official parade into Broken Hill today BUT what an experience we’ve had.

It’s hard to type this without getting emotional but this Bash has been the experience of a lifetime for us. The last 3 for Queen Bee have been great but this one takes the cake. As QB has been telling anyone who will listen (or even those who try to get away) this Bash has an amazing energy about it. Everyone is having such a great time and there is such a strong sense of camaraderie. The car has been going so well and QB has discovered a new found talent for driving on the dirt at 130kms an hour … and doing really really well at it. The other Bees have done a fantastic job too and have come ahead leaps and bounds. Who knew we had these skills????

I think our New-Bee Helen summed it up perfectly the other day. When she was thinking about life after the Bash she said “I just can’t imagine not seeing these guys again”.

We have seen the most beautiful and harsh places, met some wonderful people and the kids have been so great all the way through. We’ve all tested ourselves and found that we have strength that we never knew we had … and we can hold our own with the best of them and have their respect!

As we tell each other several times a day “We are GREAT GREAT GREAT”!

Yes there have been a few beers consumed as I’m writing this (and yes Mum, I’ve finished driving for the day) but it has been an overwhelming time and we are all so sad it’s almost over. It’s been like going on a personal road trip with several hundred of your mates to ensure you’ll always have people around you willing to help you out in a tight situation. Life couldn’t be sweeter.

So here we go … hopefully we’ll be part of the parade … better late than never … but if we don’t we know we have contributed to making the 25th anniversary of the B-to-B Bash special in our own way. By the way, did I mention we’re GREAT.??!!!!

And PS … we didn’t make the Parade … but meeting the lovely kids in the pics below made it worthwhile. We did however make the party at the end.


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