Day 12 – Heading home via Collie

The Bees packed up the car for the last time and headed off in our convoy with the Hippies, Scooby Doo, Cowboys and Men at Work for our overnight stay at Collie. Another long day of driving ahead of us.

The Big Bee decided today was the day she would start to play up. We’d had relatively no problems at all along the way but today she completely overheated. Steam was pouring out of the radiator as we pulled off the road. Our buddies stopped to help and who should come along … the off-duty mobile workshop 5. Perfect timing. They checked everything out, filled us up with water again and we were on our way.

A bit further down the road the Men at Work car was looking a bit sick on the side of the road. Their whole back end had fallen out and the workshop was trying to fix them. We stayed a while as they had a bit of a party going with the BC9 guys. Found out later that the car couldn’t be repaired on the side of the road so they had to be towed all the way from Cobar home to Blue Mountains.

We made Collie in one piece and had another great night of laughs and a fantastic dinner. Very weary tonight but still managed to stay up for a while.


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