Day 1 – B-Shed – Bigga – Temora – 500kms

Word of the day:  Petrol!!!!

So with a flurry of excitement … and lots of colour and noise … the Bashful Bees departed B-Shed at Flemington Markets for yet another Bash adventure!! 

And it wasn’t long before The Big Bee and 3 excited little Bees hit the dirt again.  We headed down to the Southern Highlands and wound our way down the very steep, and very bendy Wombeyan Caves road and all was going well.

Driving through Mittagong the thought of filling up with petrol crossed our minds but with the wise words from the Queen Bee “oh we’ll be right” we drove straight through.  So … surprise surprise  it wasn’t long before we ran out petrol in the main tank, switched to the 2nd tank on the advice of the Thunderbirds which then dragged a years worth of old fuel and mud through the fuel filter.  Oops should have checked that before we left!! So our buddies the Thunderbirds stopped, changed the fuel filter, gave us their jerry can of fuel and we were off again.

Late into a lovely lunch at Bigga (refuelled of course) and then off on the final leg in Temora.  Lots of fun dirt roads and a great party stop along the way courtesy of Bash Busters (who had stolen our Bee Helen and filled her full of champagne and rum for the afternoon … messy)!!  Got into town to find out that the Thunderbirds had ran of petrol and didn’t have anything left in their jerry can … wonder how that happened?? Ooops again!

Fun night in Temora catching up with all our friends again.  So GREAT to be on the Bash again!!


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