What an adventure … phew we’ve almost made it!!!

Well the Bashful Bees survived the treacherous Gibb River Road and lived to tell the tale.  This is not something to be underestimated.  The road is notorious for wrecking many a car … and to drive this in a 44 year old Bash car that is falling apart at the seems is nothing short of amazing.

The Big Bee has done us proud and her growing list of repairs is impressive.  Off the top of my head this is what’s happened … 2 tyres blown in one day, shock absorber through the back floor taking out huge chunk, exhaust fell off, diff needed welding, petrol pump repaired, water pump replaced, lost all rear and interior lights, trip meter no longer works, window winder handle fell off, another tyre which then led to the discovery that the back axle had shifted and pushed the entire wheel back into the wheel arch.  This was repaired bush mechanic style with a lump of wood and fencing wire and we’ve done over 500kms with this still in place.

So now we’re about to leave Derby and it’s tar all the way … no more dirt and under 200kms and we’re done!  Gotta go to brekky now so rushing.  Loads of pics to come when we hit Broome … despite all good intentions either never enough time or no coverage to update the site.  Buzz Buzz!


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