Day 4 – Roma-Emerald – 497kms

Word of the day – Grid (in kiwi accent)

Started breakfast this time at Roma State College Junior School. Kids had a blast with the Variety helicopter landing. NewBee started the journey on dirt then sand with zero visibility – very challenging when you have bash cars dodging and weaving potholes and washed out creek beds.

Yesterday discovered that the crack in the windscreen got just a little bit bigger. We are marking the crack size (yes careful) with a felt tip marker and hoping the windscreen lasts until Bamaga.

At the 228km mark we got held up and “robbed” by bushrangers on horseback – gave them $10.00 for a beer cooler… we was robbed!! Lunch was at Arcadia Valley State School with a total of 5 kids so we thought by everyone dressing as school kids we would increase the population by 350+ additional wannabee school students. The Bees were expelled and sent on detention as our skirts were over 30 inches shorter than the average school student!

Bash route after lunch was diverted due to inclement weather so we had to go on the boring tar. Fi-Bee was driving and admitted she was bored. Queen Bee took over the driving at the 116km mark from lunch and ploughed through some rough creek beds and crossings.

Pulled over for a party stop 50km outside of Emerald with Car 888 and Scooby Doo to watch the sunset over outback QLD – sensational. Got back in the car and Sonya announced that she had the pedal to the metal but we were going nowhere. Another stop and Scotty from Car 888 saved the day and fixed the broken carny that was causing petrol to pour out of the engine. Not our most fuel-efficient afternoon!

Dinner at the local Emerald Town Hall followed by yet another night where several hundred Bashers took over a poor non-suspecting local pub and had a great night. Off to Charters Towers tomorrow.



















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