Day 8 – Cairns to Archer River – 624kms

It’s time to leave Cairns! While it’s always nice to be in a big city on the Bash, there’s something exciting about heading off into the outback again … even when we know we are camping out in the open for the next 3 nights!!

Today the “All Girl Teams” got to leave first thanks to the huge generosity of Lee Esterns from the “Moree Girls” donating $5000 for the privilege.  Much to the irritation of some of the impatient teams, the girls finally finished their brekky, sauntered to the front, posed for photos and were then off.  It was nice to be out the front but it wasn’t long before some of the teams dropped off for one last decent coffee, ice, petrol etc and the speedy teams once again hit the front.  As you’d expect from good Bees, our philosophy is that it’s always more fun to stop and smell the roses (eg. socialise at party stops and local towns!!) than bee the first into town and then wander around waiting for your buddies to arrive!

So a long day today to Archer River, with a great packed lunch by the good folk at Laura Pub.  The roads became dramatically worse and the corrugations in some places were totally bone-shaking.  The Big Bee now has many more squeaks, rattles and things falling off than when we started. Some amazingly gorgeous outback scenery though to make up for the roads!!

Tonight we camped out at the Archer River Roadhouse, 66kms from Coen on the Peninsular Development Road and what a night it was.  It was Stuart’s Sunset Soiree and the official Greeks Party Night, with special guest  DJ Banana on the decks!  And it was also the party game night run by the “Wild Outback Women”, aka Crazy Horse, Laverne & Shirley and … yup … The Bees.  We came up with the inspirationally named “Bum-ball-bee” game which involved putting a ball between your … umm … bum cheeks and walking to a point, dropping to your knees and drinking a shot without using your hands, getting up again and “depositing” the ball in a bucket at the end – all while ensuring you don’t drop the ball.  Sounds ridiculous right??  It was!! But that didn’t stop people young and old queueing up to have a go.  Hilarious – see the pictures to get an idea!

The Greeks party did not disappoint and the fun and tunes carried on late into the wee small hours.  The camping nights are always great on the Bash … there’s a real sense of camaraderie and being totally away from the real world.  Fantastic!


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