Day 9 –Archer River to Bamaga – 376km

Last day on the Bash!! How did this happen so quickly!! Only another 376km and the driving part of the 2012 Balmain to Bamaga Variety Bash is over!

But that doesn’t mean the last stretch was easy.  More horribly deep, corrugated roads to contend with!  The poor Big Bee felt like she was going to rattle apart.

On the dirt again with a quick side trip to Bramwell Station to pick up another packed lunch prepared by the good folk from the Homestead there.

One more river crossing today … this time on a car ferry across the Jardine River so no chance of cars getting stuck in the river today.

The Bees needed a little roadside assistance today to get the spare petrol can off the roof … nice of the Icecreaminator to stop and help.  Shame they broke down about 20 mins after that and had to cross the finish line in Bamaga on the back of the tilt tray truck.  According to Swirlin’ and Stickey “the big girl sat down and wasn’t going any further” … busted diff … no good!

There’s always a great sense of achievement finishing a Bash and the parade into Bamaga past all the locals did not disappoint.  There was such a sense of achievement that a bunch of us went swimming fully clothed, yes in croc infested waters.  Not the smartest move but sooooo nice to be in the ocean again.

Tonight was the community night at Bamaga, complete with awesome fireworks show and a concert from John Paul Young and John Williamson.  Bit of dancing with the locals and then off to our very luxurious tent for much needed sleep!! Luckily the crocs stayed away!


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