At last … we make The Tip!

So our last day in Cape York and we still had one more adventure … The Tip!!  Yes the very northernmost tip of Australia and something we had to do after coming all this way.

We had all heard horror stories about how rough the last bit of the track was so thanks to the generosity of Steve Lambert who had the highest bid, we traveled to the Tip in air-conditioned 4WD mini-bus comfort. The Big Bee was safely checked in at the transport company for her long barge and road trip back to Sydney. She did us proud this year!!

Lucky NewBee and FiBee got a quick ride in the chopper to check out the Tip from the air.

One last rough track (on foot though) and we can now say we have stood at the Tip of Oz.  Very beautiful up there too!

Then it was off to the airport for our charter flight back to civilization, Cairns again.  The idea of a proper bed, bathroom and restaurant for dinner was sooo appealing.  Plans for a big night out weren’t realised though as we all hit the wall over a lovely seafood dinner and headed to bed.  Must be getting old!!!


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