3 Things that YOU can do to Help Us, Yourself and Variety!

The Bashful Bees have now raised over $26,891 and this total keeps growing!

Your money directly helping special needs, disadvantaged and sick children across Australia is fantastic and we truly do thank you!

We travel off into the dirt, sand and dust in 2 days and we are absolutely beside ourselves!  The bee antennas are at full alert 🙂

There are 3 things that you can do over the course of the next 12 days to help us and you out!


1) Register and Watch the Bash Videos to help get Variety $100K thanks to Nurofen!!!

As you are all aware, The Bash starts Thursday!  Follow us along the way via video… thanks to Nurofen!

Nurofen, one of Variety’s corporate partners, is producing, behind-the-scenes videos, during the Variety Bash. Videos are being filmed every day, including interviews with the colourful Bash characters (that’s us!) and our cars, as well as the kids in the schools we visit and support along the Bash route. The video series will help tell the Variety story, about the work we do and the people who generously support the Bash for Variety – the Children’s Charity.

PLUS by watching the videos you’ll help Variety get up to $100,000 donation from Nurofen!

Please register your email address here prior to the Bash start, and receive the daily video releases to view and share!  ©  200,000 views = $100,000 to Variety.  Also send to your friends so the total can sky rocket!

PS: Car 97 is extremely glad to have Nurofen as a sponsor so they can feel substantially better each morning 🙂



In celebration of Dick Smith’s involvement in this year’s 2013 NSW Variety Bash, there will be a ‘Photo of the Day’ competition which starts from the first day of the Bash and you will have a chance to win a daily $100 Dick Smith Voucher!  

The Bees will be posting a daily photo onto this Facebook page for you to vote on!  Start voting from the 22 August for 10 days 🙂
The photos will appear on the Variety Australia Facebook page – you will find it at www.facebook.com/VarietyAU

Remember to “LIKE” the page as you won’t be able to vote for our photo.
Beeeee sure to LIKE AND VOTE!


3) ALSO Check out our BeeHives:

VISIT our Blog – follow us by pressing “SIGN ME UP” to receive daily updates via email


VIEW our Facebook Page: 

FOLLOW us on Twitter: 


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