Day 1 – Bankstown – Manildra – Nyngan

Well Day 1 of the 2013 NSW Variety Bash and there is excitement in the air!! Bees were parked up near the start arch and hopped out to join in the festivities at the Dick Smith HQ at Chullora. Thanks for the navman Dicky!!
Through the mountains then Bathurst, Lucknow, Orange finally stopping at Manildra Bowlo joining the kids at St Joseph’s and Manildra public schools for lunch . The Icecreaminator served the kids Mr Whippy cones – the queue was a mile long! Variety gave a total of $8000 in sports and educational equipment which we are very proud of. The kids sang us a rendition of “Happy Little Vegemites” but using different lyrics to describe how they love their town of Manildra. Super Hubert then did his magic show and entertained them all. The Bees left heading for Parkes – did a few burnouts and turned siren on in Clarinda St past a certain laundry πŸ˜‰ had a chuckle !! Bees hit the dirt towards Trundle and Bow had her first navigational lesson – nothing like getting chucked into the deep end. Now to the “CCC” Caution river crossing … Bow was driving however the river was more than 30mls so we pulled over as a car had conked out in the middle of the crossing! We got out and had a quick comfort squat behind a hedge and then it was our turn to cross — good ole Mandy put the car in first and away we went….don’t stop , don’t stop my head was saying!! We got through ok and we beeped the horn and put on the sirens to celebrate πŸ™‚ Stopped for a quick cinnamon whiskey shot to calm the nerves and “warm the cockles of our hearts” as Bow says in an Irish accent! As it is reaching nearly 6pm the sunset is just magnificent! We are around 80 Kms out of Nyngan ready to hit the rissole! The virgins have done well with their navigational skills!! LATEST NEWS – lengthy periods of silence realizing that we had no CB radio, no high beams and my phone decided to s$&t itself when we arrived in Nyngan therefore couldn’t contact anyone ! Fantastic !! Hero of the day is Matt “Shaggy” Mitchell – legend! Fixed all the above!! Late dinner at rissole – all good !!
SAYING of the day – shoulders like an arrowroot biscuit – lol!
Day 2 on the horizon!












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