Day 3 – Tibooburra — Cameron Corner – innamincka

Phrase of the Day – the cusp of the corrugated crest!

We are posting Days 2-3 together as no coverage and the author decided to get home at 2am after drinking with the bash blokes. So this is a postscript….Met the locals at Tibooburra Hotel, ones name was Grub with about 3 teeth! We made a pub video especially for Queen Bee over in Amsterdam!! NannaBees went home after a few sherbets but the non bash Virgin stayed and got up to the usual shannigans. Even got caught by that dreaded Scoobs and had to do 10 push-ups ! Before we went out we attempted to do the scout thing and put up our tents – what a drama. No pegs will stay in the sand! Well what a day!

Day 3 started with all cars going out under the Variety Arch in Tibooburra …short day or so we thought … 4 hundred and something Kms ended up a lot more …. Drove over the Sth Australian border and lunched at Cameron Corner. Toilets were interesting with the ladies labelled as “drip dry” and men’s as “flip dry” (ewww). After lunch, Car 97 was one of the first to start up front only for the rev heads to pass us and we had to slow right down as we couldn’t see anything. Another car didn’t slow down and stopped 2cms from our boot – idiot !! We called for everyone to stop, stop, stop and about 13 cars were sprawled all over the road and the banks. Jeez Louise!! After that, we just stopped and let them all pass whilst attempting to have a comfort stop. Funny! We did mention that Griffo and Kylee would love this (not)- Griffo would say “pullover I need a fag” !! We ventured over corrugated roads, through dust, sand and dirt – 3 giant red Roos hopped across the road and we slowed right down and The Bash Ambulance was behind us. Ray told us to stop as he wanted to look at the bottle -it was just a ploy to get past us! Finally got to the sand where we got bogged. Snatch strap (easy tiges) connected to a HR Holden and away we went onto the side of the road. 10kms down the track all bash cars stopped for an official briefing to say that the track was closed but the bashers were still going through. Party Stop! Bow drove as Mandy had a few creamy cocktails! There was a pervy moving Adams Family hand sitting on the trestle table – we somehow managed to get the both onlookers and the official Variety Photographer to see one of the bees doing suggestive things to the pervy hand. Names are withdrawn! Bow achieved Bash Greatness as she managed not to get bogged whilst the experts did – even Stuart Telfer complimented Bow. The next car came through and Stuart said on the CB radio “drive it like you stole it” -we laughed. It ended up being a longer day and on dusk put the tents up at Innamincka – the pub had a huge bonfire and put on a great roast. We did have terrific help with our bash buddies with camping activities – thanks again fellas! Lamberts, Icecreaminators and one bee hung around till stumps – surprised?? Bring on Birdsville tomorrow evening πŸ™‚






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