Day 5 — Birdsville – Mungerannie Creek – Leigh Creek

Quote of the Day – Jimmy likes Dick, Dick likes Fanny

Breakfast courtesy of Birdsville Bakery, bashers had a street breakfast with the 8 kids at Birdsville. We presented them with a new portable PA worth $3741. Gave out gifts to the kids and talked to the campers before we took off. Lots of rocks, washaways, grids and more rocks but car has not had major issues as yet – nothing that our bash buddies can’t help with!
Kept seeing mirages — It looked like the Gold Coast in the distance but it was huge mountains contrasting the flat moonlike surface of the foreground. Got some great snaps of the TeamBees 🙂
Lunch at Mungerannie Hotel, 313km south of Birdsville. Found the token kelpie and made him a bee (eww). Pub owner “Bushy” was a great host. Stubby holders, tshirts, caps and number plates from visitors adorned the walls and roof. Enjoyed an organic beef burger – yum especially with “you can beat an egg” on them! Left the Hotel with a contented tummy. After the 16km mark out of Mungerannie Hotel, Car 97 took a crack to the windscreen courtesy of the Angels 999A. We are measuring the crack continually to see if it is spreading. At one point, Janelle was videoing my fadoobidas flapping around as I was driving… Vicki Williams eat your heart out – don’t worry I’ll get her! We got into Leigh Creek late and thought we would camp in the show ground right near the baggage truck with our bash buddies. Went up and had dinner and was entertained by CMC. Buddy Goode did a kids show and let me tell you…we cried laughing. He is playing Tuesday at Peterborough for the Bashers in an adults only show – god help us! It was a reasonably early one and we all crashed! Day 6 tomorrow to Peterborough . Should be a good day driving! Until then, righto I’m off!









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