Day 6 — Leigh Creek – Curnamona Station – Peterborough

On our way to Peterborough South Australia!! Mandy was nominated in the Mug of the Day for thinking that the car was parked in Park at the petrol station but in fact it was in Reverse. She got out the car to talk to Gav (fellow basher) and left Janelle strapped in the back. The car was rolling towards the petrol bowser. Janelle screamed a deathly scream and Mandy ran back and jumped in the car Starsky and Hutch style and slammed on the brakes. Saved the car and Janelle – all in a hard days work! Back on the road and laughing from the event of the morning. Travelled 67kms and took snaps at the Aboriginal community of Nepabunna. Travelled towards Lake Frome – east of the Northern Flinders Ranges. Amazing salt pan – 100kms long and 40 kms wide!!! Stopped at Curnamona Station for lunch- 370kms north north-east of Adelaide with over 500,000 acres in size! Got to Yunta to discover the 4 kids at the public school made a poster for the Bash – very sweet … Speaking of sweets, all the bashers gave them lollies, chocolates so their mothers could put up with them! Got some happy snaps with them… Gorgeous kids. Even Icecreaminator stopped by to give the kids icecreams. Party stop just outside Peterborough for midori splices! 4 or 5 later, and Super Hubert and Feral appearing in mankinis – it was all overwhelming! Got into town, put up our tents – final day of camping. Getting ready to go out for drinks and dinner definitely is an art form in a camping area and the Bees are experts in this now. Mandy did a pub crawl with the Lamberts and the other bees met up with us at the Railway. We entertained the crowd to ACDC. Headed over to dinner, got up on stage with the all female teams. Danced the night away! Clarkie won the raffle- she won a giant Tooheys New esky. After listening to Buddy Goode – and yes it was hysterical – google him if you are interested. That’s all for now 🙂













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