Day 2 – Bundaberg to Blackwater

Warmed up Kenny Kingswood and Geoff from Bash ambulance helped us out by filling up our transmission oil but overflowed it and smoke was billowing in the exhaust! All good 😉

Journeyed to breakfast in the heart of Bundy where we saw a presentation to the Local Bundaberg hospital with a donation of a Jaundice Detector worth $3000.

Stopped at Gin Gin for fuel only to see a little person in uggs and her full sized boyfriend yelled out to me “go the Bunnies” but I quickly ran to the car due to my aversion to small adults.

Stopped again for fuel at the 162 mark from Bundaberg in a little town called Ubobo. I saw a little doggie out the front of the petrol station mans house. Of course I was calling out to it and proceeded to go over to it. Clarkie yells out to me “it’s got fleas and knackers”! I gave the 2 Aboriginal brothers 4& 7 presents from the generous donations from the Trivia Night!

Went into lunch at Mt Eugene, a 15k acre property in Central QLD. Clarkie wasn’t feeling the best so I got out and was targeted by the kids at Jambin State School. I proceeded to give out National Geographic presents to 4 of the lucky kids.

On our way to Blackwater. Dry creek beds 224 Kms into the route that were dry as a dead dingo’s donger!! Had to use the Jerrycan for the last leg of route. Got the petrol all over our hands and bee tights – smelt wonderful ( not!) Lamberts had a mishap with their front axle and Icecreaminators with their transmission. All good now.

Finally got there at dusk, filled up tank and Jerrycan for following day. Clarkie drove me to footy match against Bluff and Blackwater. Spectacular fireworks put on by Crackers on behalf of Variety.









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