Day 6 – Brewarrina to Broken Hill – 611 Kms

Woke up at 6am only to be still in Brewarrina at 10am. Quickly grabbed some cereal Starkey fixed the shock mount then the mobile workshop fixed the electric back window.

Again the curse of the Icecreaminator!!

Got to Bourke and dropped Janelle off at her accommodation and Norm (aka Fred from Scoobies) hopped into the Bee Car and drove to Louth for a sneaky schooner before travelling to Tilpa for lunch. Picked up a basher Greg as his car broke down. So 3 of us travelled to Broken Hill.

Got 70kms out from destination when there were multiple clunks in under the bonnet. Suspected cam shaft problem. Beeast no good. Stiff pole towed to town. Late for dinner – surprise surprise!

Commiserated at pub in the evening after bash proceedings. Organised a holding yard, a tow, a lift, different opinions about what to do with the car. Lol.

A few bourbons and singalong with a basher on a guitar. 2:30am beddie byes – another day gone.






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