Day 10 – Bowral to Busby’s Bore – 155 Kms

Slept in until 6:50am. Got ready in bee outfit and journeyed to Bradman Oval in the rain. Had breakfast at the Bradman Museum. Hosted by the Museum and the local Rotary Club, they are promoting a concept called Dream Cricket where disabled primary school students have an opportunity to play on the Bradman Oval.

Made our way to Sydney and finally ended up at the Shore fields in downtown Willoughby where it started to bucket down with rain. Not an ideal end to the bash but everyone took it with a grain of salt knowing what we have all achieved.

Set off at 11am heading for Busbys Bore at Centennial Park in the city. Great sight to behold with so many bash cars going over the Harbour bridge saying gidday to all the onlookers with sirens and horns.

Our final journey was the SCG carpark where we congratulated all of our fellow bashers for a job well done. The amount of hours fundraising, getting cars ready for the bash, driving over 5800 Kms throughout 3 states of Australia for each basher is unbelievable.

The swan song though was a national bash party at Moore Park last night. Variety – The Children’s Charity definitely outdid themselves with this one. Danced to a variety of bands but The Big Wigs definitely made the night. What a great occasion to be with your fellow bashers. Guess who got on one of the navy bashers shoulders to get a photo? Lol

Got a pie and peas with my favourite bashers, the Lamberts. They have been an absolute rock of support throughout this whole process and I have so much to thank them for!

Fantastic day – fantastic bash! Will definitely be doing this again x




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