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We basically want, and need, donations to help Variety the Children’s Charity
support sick, disadvantaged and special needs children across Australia.

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Donations of any size will be graciously received and WILL go to a great cause.

Donating is easy and ALL money raised goes directly to Variety.  

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How much does it cost?

It costs $8,500 (minimum) to enter the Bash, the Bees have to raise this money themselves.

Bashers have to fund their own way on the Bash, including meals, fuel, accommodation and upkeep of their Bash vehicle. When the Bash rolls into a small regional town it injects a huge amount of cash into the local economy … as well as the colour and fun that comes with over 100 cars and crew hitting town!


The Bash also raises money from entrants during the event as it is run by devious officials proficient in prising money from Bashers. Blatant cheating and bribery are not only allowed but encouraged.

Bashers can even be fined for taking the event too seriously, the amount depending on the seriousness of the seriousness!