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Currently in the Bash Hospital, the 2014 bash car will be transformed into the

Stay tuned for new pics!!


The Borrowed Bee-ast for 2014!

Holden HG 1970 Wagon

Courtesy of Anthony “Max” Merlin – IceCreaminators

  2013 Bash Car – Borrowed Bee-ast

DSCF4102 IMG_3227

1969 Ford Fairlane ZD Sedan

Courtesy of Peter “Braz” Brazel – Tamex Transport @ Tamworth

And lovingly looked after by Ted Gardiner 🙂


Big Bee on the ferry

Big Bee on the ferry

 2008-2012 Bash Car – RIP

Holden HR 1967 Sedan

Proudly Owned by Sonya “Queen Bee” Link



What makes a ‘Bash Car’?

The official guide tells us that we will need a reliable, well-built vehicle, which will survive the trip and be noticed so that our sponsors receive some benefit – and it needs to be manufactured prior to or during 1974.!

The transmission, engine and engine ancillaries must be as originally specified for the vehicle.  Fuel is always available, but it is advised to carry a jerry can as sometimes it is a long way between stops (something the Bashful Bees have learnt on several occasions now!!). Modifications to the body shape are permitted where such modifications are designed to enhance the appearance of the vehicle for sponsorship purposes or for fun!

Attention-grabbing and unusual decorations make for a great Bash car… the stranger the better as it’s all for the kids after all!!!