Day 5 – Burrenbilla to Brewarrina

Started the day late and missed the all girl crew start after breakfast. Managed to acquire an Icecreaminator on the trip so we have had 2 bees and one drone in the Bashful Beeast! Max has joined us in the car and he’s already bossing us around!!

After lunch Nell was driving along and Max navigating and forgot to call the Grid Launcher and I was asleep and woke up with my head touching the roof of the car! Broken shock mount …. So we waited for the mobile workshop to arrive so we could get some welding done. It turned into a party stop but it started to get cold. Thanks to Mick Starkey and the mobile workshop for getting us back on the road.

Dodging Roos all the way to brewarrina. We ran out of petrol at about 7:15pm so out came the Jerrycan in the middle of no where,

We are finally on our way into town – as Max said “what a cockfight!”.

Off to dinner and a beer! Stayed at the Fishos Huts on the banks of the Barwon River; guys in swags and Nell and I in the Wolf Creek inspired house – yes we did sleep together however we didn’t leave one eye opened as we were knackered.


Day 4 – Barcaldine to Burrenbilla – 650km

Large night last night! Pics show it!!

Long trek today covering over 650 kms. Started with a razor blade for breakfast – well that’s what it felt like after the night I had.

We collected our lunch and off we went giving out lollipops and presents to the school kids. I rode on the bonnet while Janelle drove out of the school starting with 100kms with me with my head on the pillow passed out.

Can’t report on much except for so much roadkill on the roads – literally Roos in the middle of the road. Carnage everywhere. Janelle was dodging roadkill every 20 mtrs. She had to drive the last 200km as I was micro sleeping.

Arrived safely in Burrenbilla – we are staying at the gun club. Swags on beds. Currently the washing machine is on and the whole complex is shaking.

Another long day today – hopefully early night tonight.

Until then au Revoir from Burrenbilla 🙂

<img src="" alt="IMG_4490.JPG"



Day 3 — Blackwater to Barcaldine – 502 Kms

Breakfast at Blackwater North State School with Variety presenting Sensory Equipment for the special needs kids at the school.

Filled up the Smelly spare petrol tank with 30 Ltrs as there were no fuel stops after the 137 Km mark.

Had to put my newly acquired St Marys leagues club jersey over my arm to stop me getting burnt. Spectacular vistas on the way to Barcaldine.

Stopped for lunch at the 353 km mark. Party stop down the road with team photos so we had to stop. Kiwi girls Brigit and Bec were there serving Bimbagen wines so I had to indulge while Clarkie drove the second half of today’s route.

Lots of dust, sand and a lot of “woahs” with close calls! Starting to see the Roos crossing the road at their own risk as it is closing on dusk. Further along so much roadkill 😦 heading towards the Bashbusters party stop 20 Kms out of Barcaldine. Outback theme tonight — preparing for it in the car torso dancing to Stars On 45!!!

Sitting in Railway Hotel having a pint. Meet the owner Pauline – lovely lovely lady …. About to have shower to get ready for outback night and we have time to get ready !! Amazing !!

Until tomorrow, we will have one or two pints for you!!!





Day 2 – Bundaberg to Blackwater

Warmed up Kenny Kingswood and Geoff from Bash ambulance helped us out by filling up our transmission oil but overflowed it and smoke was billowing in the exhaust! All good 😉

Journeyed to breakfast in the heart of Bundy where we saw a presentation to the Local Bundaberg hospital with a donation of a Jaundice Detector worth $3000.

Stopped at Gin Gin for fuel only to see a little person in uggs and her full sized boyfriend yelled out to me “go the Bunnies” but I quickly ran to the car due to my aversion to small adults.

Stopped again for fuel at the 162 mark from Bundaberg in a little town called Ubobo. I saw a little doggie out the front of the petrol station mans house. Of course I was calling out to it and proceeded to go over to it. Clarkie yells out to me “it’s got fleas and knackers”! I gave the 2 Aboriginal brothers 4& 7 presents from the generous donations from the Trivia Night!

Went into lunch at Mt Eugene, a 15k acre property in Central QLD. Clarkie wasn’t feeling the best so I got out and was targeted by the kids at Jambin State School. I proceeded to give out National Geographic presents to 4 of the lucky kids.

On our way to Blackwater. Dry creek beds 224 Kms into the route that were dry as a dead dingo’s donger!! Had to use the Jerrycan for the last leg of route. Got the petrol all over our hands and bee tights – smelt wonderful ( not!) Lamberts had a mishap with their front axle and Icecreaminators with their transmission. All good now.

Finally got there at dusk, filled up tank and Jerrycan for following day. Clarkie drove me to footy match against Bluff and Blackwater. Spectacular fireworks put on by Crackers on behalf of Variety.








Day One – Brisbane to Bundaberg – 437kms

Day Zero Gold Coast

Janelle arrived from Sydney in the room sitting there quietly until Mandy came in. This is before it all starts. She proceded explaining the going ons of the night with the outback spectular and her trip from hell coming out of coffs harbour up to surfers paradise with a slurr in her speech. Drinking her water and eating her chocolate we decided to go to sleep.

Day One – Brisbane to Bundaberg – 437kms

Got up the crack of dawn with limited sleep which will continue until the end of day 10. Well it was a great start. Getting lost before we kicked off from the start line. Car not idling right konking out at the stop signs. Not a good start. Arrived at suncorp stadium with the qld team getting a feed and NSW bashers look after yourselves. They still have not forgotten on who won the state of origin.

With the car playing up. “I want a beer with Duncan” told us to get two fan belts. Went to Supercheap auto no good with supplies.
She gave us direction we stop to fuel up. Got directions from the mechanic. Both locals gave us the bum steer.’BLOODY LOCALS’ NFI. Eventually found REPCO. Thank god for technology. Only had one fan belt not two, better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. Eventually found workshop vehicle 2 then went to the mobile mechanics who were in the carpark at maccas. Brian in MW2 bloody champion. No stalling now…. Yayyyy!
We get to checkpoint. No route notes left. Got the hint just travel straight to Jimna. Found Nick the Fruiter. Champion bloke. Told us he has a wife 17 year’s younger and has no worries with that. Wink wink nudge nudge. He asked where are we going.we said Jimna and it should take an hour an a bit. He said bullshit it should take 2 hours. We said to stop swearing at us and we were all laughing. Well after that we were all besties. He asked us about our car. Told him it was a Kingswood. Started her up with that V8 purr. He turned around gave us the thumbs up and said it’s a V8. Then continued our drive on the tar eating his beautiful fruit. Yum yum.

Arrived at Jimna for lunch but carried through to the next set of bash adventures on dirt ! Lots of grids and causeways, party stop and we finally ran out of petrol at the 153km mark from lunch. Pulled over to the side of the road to fill her up! Legend filler up arahs! Got to the fuel stop 185 Kms and filled the main tank and the Jerrycan. Janelle makes friends with all the shop owners and was in the shop for 10 mins! Lol.
Onward bound to Bundaberg to complete the first day of 437 Kms. Dusk taking over and we have 80kms to go. Dinner tonight at Brothers Sports Club to watch Souths take on Manly. The fun begins!









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