2016 Bash Announcement!!



More Details Soon!


Day 1. Sunday 21st August.

Berowra – Ellerston – Armidale = 533 Ks

Day 2. Monday 22nd August.

Armidale – Bellata – Lightning Ridge = 482 Ks

Day 3. Tuesday 23rd August.

Lightning Ridge – Bollon – Charleville = 498 Ks

Day 4. Wednesday 24th August.

Charleville – Blackall – Longreach = 563 Ks

Day 5. Thursday 25th August.

Longreach – Lay Day

Day 6. Friday 26th August.

Longreach – Muttaburra – Hughenden = 542 Ks

Day 7. Saturday 27th August.

Hughenden – Greenvale – Charters Towers = 587 Ks

Day 8. Sunday 28th August.

Charters Towers – Scartwater – Bowen = 504 Ks

Day 9. Monday 29th August.

Bowen – Shute Harbour – Hamilton Island = 90 road Ks + 11 nautical miles!

Day 10. Tuesday 30th August.

Free day on the island and the Final Night Dinner



Secret is Out!! Bee BEEEEECOMES Velma for the 2015 Variety B to B DOUBLE BASH!!

2015_Bee to Velma Fundraising Page

Help her (Mandy) be the first on the Scooby Doo team to reach her $3000 goal at:

2015 Variety Bash Logo

1960 Car


The Crew From Scooby Doo!

Car 1960 – “The Mystery Machine” is attempting the DOUBLE BASH starting on the

2 August from Bass Hill finishing in Beagle Bay (North of Broome) on the 17 August

2015 Bash Route

Covering nearly 8,400 kms for both bashes in order to raise money for Variety –
helping Special Needs, Disadvantaged & Sick Kids in Australia






Bees On The Bash – 2015 NSW Variety Bash Route!


A total of 8399 Kms – its a DOUBLE Bash!

2015 Bash Route

The Bees will be buzzing through NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia



B to B Bash – 02-11 August 2015

Bass Hill to Bunbury – 4598 Kms


12-17 August 2015

Bunbury to Beagle Bay – 3801 Kms

Plenty of fundraising opportunities for the Bashful Bees – Stay Tuned in 2015!!

Car 97 Final Fundraising Total for 2014

Car 97 “The Bashful Bees” raised $19,121.36 for the Variety B to B Bash in 2014. Didn’t get to the $20,000 mark but I am very proud to have raised this amount of money.

Thanks to all that helped me with holding my 2 annual events, donating online donations, donating raffle prizes, company sponsorship, crew Janelle and Amy and general support – I appreciate it!

Money raised will go to help special needs, sick and disadvantaged kids – see below YouTube clip to find out what this money goes to ….



Day 10 – Bowral to Busby’s Bore – 155 Kms

Slept in until 6:50am. Got ready in bee outfit and journeyed to Bradman Oval in the rain. Had breakfast at the Bradman Museum. Hosted by the Museum and the local Rotary Club, they are promoting a concept called Dream Cricket where disabled primary school students have an opportunity to play on the Bradman Oval.

Made our way to Sydney and finally ended up at the Shore fields in downtown Willoughby where it started to bucket down with rain. Not an ideal end to the bash but everyone took it with a grain of salt knowing what we have all achieved.

Set off at 11am heading for Busbys Bore at Centennial Park in the city. Great sight to behold with so many bash cars going over the Harbour bridge saying gidday to all the onlookers with sirens and horns.

Our final journey was the SCG carpark where we congratulated all of our fellow bashers for a job well done. The amount of hours fundraising, getting cars ready for the bash, driving over 5800 Kms throughout 3 states of Australia for each basher is unbelievable.

The swan song though was a national bash party at Moore Park last night. Variety – The Children’s Charity definitely outdid themselves with this one. Danced to a variety of bands but The Big Wigs definitely made the night. What a great occasion to be with your fellow bashers. Guess who got on one of the navy bashers shoulders to get a photo? Lol

Got a pie and peas with my favourite bashers, the Lamberts. They have been an absolute rock of support throughout this whole process and I have so much to thank them for!

Fantastic day – fantastic bash! Will definitely be doing this again x



Day 9 – Bonegilla to Bowral – 518 Kms

Second last day for Bash. Early 8am start with breakfast in Noreuil Park in downtown Albury.

Absolutely stunning countryside going into Tumbarumba. Had a chat with some of the Victorian bashers and met up with David Cloke (Travis Clokes dad) in the cake shop. Stopped in the shoe shop and bought some boots with the 2 blokes turning on the siren to make me hurry.

Today’s car conversation was about marriage proposals. Pulled into Wee Jasper for lunch after conquering steep dirt roads with the valley surrounds. Gave the 8 kids at the school push bikes at the variety presentation. The Bees were again accosted by Bikey Ray!

Did I mention the absolute stunning countryside?? Onto Gundaroo and met the Lamberts contingency including Art – Steve Lamberts newly born grandson at Gundaroo Pub!!

Travelling down the Hume Highway – just passed Goulburn. Tonight is the Black Tie Bash Ball at Mittagong. Running late due to Gundaroo Pub so have to get dressed in black tie quickly!!! Staying in Bowral tonight ready for entrance to Sydney tomorrow!!

Lamberts won highest individual fundraising for 2014! Dean Franks won Mug of the Bash and my face is on the Bash Idol poster.








Day 8 – Balranald to Bonegilla – 523 kms

Started the day at Balranald primary school with an 8:30am start. Lots of kids running around in pj’s with their eyes wide open looking at the various cars handing out gifts. One boy continually kept saying to us “how about a burnout” we just laughed!

Again the terrain has changed – lush beautiful countryside

Got started on our 500 or so km trek to Albury (Bonegilla). There was a lot of catching zzzz’s in the back and they Icecreaminators kept waking me up with 2 beeps of the siren saying that they wanted 2 beers.

Arrived at Stuarts Sunset Soirée at Bonegilla, a migrant camp on the outskirts of Albury. A couple of Bashers grew up at the camp and fairly emotional for them to come back to their humble beginnings starting their new life in Australia.

Presentation of the awards last night. The Bees were awarded the $17k trophy for raising $19k – very proud of my fundraising efforts! official photos to come. Thanks again to my family and friends for their continued support. Bash Idol was quite good last night (surprisingly).

Onto Bowral today !! Stay tuned for day 9 post




Day 7 – Broken Hill to Balranald – 515kms

Car is at holding yard in Broken Hill. Tow truck with tilt tray picked up the Beeast with the main drag blocked off by police! All for the Bashful Beeast!!

Im now travelling in Hippies car (# 1970) with the Icecreaminators – so the crew is 1970/BC09/97!! lol – that’s the bash 🙂 on our way to Barcaldine. Apparently they are calling me the rattler (instead of old jooga) as I’m talking in the back and all they can hear is rattling – cheeky buggers!

Icecreaminators coming back in a couple of weeks with trailer to Broken Hill to pick up car.

Swagging it tonight – but forgot to take my sleeping bag etc out of the Beeast … Comedy of errors !

Stopped at Pooncarie for lunch and checked out the infamous Pooncarie pub… Loving the country pubs.

Driving through the different sandy terrain of Lake Mungo – just stunning. Onto Balranald into the sunset with 2 blokes! While enjoying the last of the outback sun we covered off women whinging, tantric sex & Sting, black dog depression, multiple jooger definitions, happy clappers and singing Reckless and Eddie Vedder tunes! Good day considering our bash misfortunes!!

Thanks Mick, Max, Ray, Lindsay, Geoff, Bashbusters, Duncan, Milsy, Magic Bryan, Norm, Mat, Scoobs and Amy for all your assistance …. Couldn’t do this without you!





Day 6 – Brewarrina to Broken Hill – 611 Kms

Woke up at 6am only to be still in Brewarrina at 10am. Quickly grabbed some cereal Starkey fixed the shock mount then the mobile workshop fixed the electric back window.

Again the curse of the Icecreaminator!!

Got to Bourke and dropped Janelle off at her accommodation and Norm (aka Fred from Scoobies) hopped into the Bee Car and drove to Louth for a sneaky schooner before travelling to Tilpa for lunch. Picked up a basher Greg as his car broke down. So 3 of us travelled to Broken Hill.

Got 70kms out from destination when there were multiple clunks in under the bonnet. Suspected cam shaft problem. Beeast no good. Stiff pole towed to town. Late for dinner – surprise surprise!

Commiserated at pub in the evening after bash proceedings. Organised a holding yard, a tow, a lift, different opinions about what to do with the car. Lol.

A few bourbons and singalong with a basher on a guitar. 2:30am beddie byes – another day gone.